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We can carry up to 24 Tonnes of equipment in our
own 3 axle specialised standby truck

IFX provides atmospherics, explosives. hydraulics systems, pneumatics and animatronics to film, Tv and public events

Over the last two decades we have amassed a large amount of equipment from Atmospherics machinery, hydraulic systems and highly precise and technical firing systems. Combined with our various shipping containers, including a 40ft side opening mobile workshop and 24t 3 axle truck, we can travel anywhere in the world, set up quickly and start producing professional special effects.
A Sound of Thunder
We are based in Dubai, UAE and the UK, but regularly travel worldwide to provide our services to independent and big name production companies and event companies.

  • Atmospherics

    The most regularly called for and possibly the most important scene setter in a film, atmospherics done properly can transform the footage into something spectacular

  • Explosives

    The most dangerous and most fun part of what we do! We are a fully licensed and insured company, able to handle high explosives to simple pyrotechnics, with experience in transporting and storing in most european countries. We only use the best Pyrotechncians and trained explosives experts on set, ensuring your safety but also creating the best effect for your production.

    Explosives and Dynamite
  • Engineering

    Our skilled engineers can produce all types of rigs, using Hydraulics or pneumatics, electronics or a combination of all three to produce something new and interesting. We like to think outside the box to come up with new and efficient solutions to normal stunts or situations that we regularly find ourselves in front of.

    Batman Begins Tumbler
  • Something Different?

    One of the best parts of being in the SFX industry is having to come up with solutions to complicated or strange problems. Try us out, it may not be as crazy as you think it is? and we enjoy the challenge!

    Tank Workshop
Our custom made
40ft SFX Workshop

Complete Mobile Solution

All our equipment and machinery is setup to be moved within days of being on a production, are containers are fully insured and sea worthy, the standby truck is always maintained and ready to go with everything we need.

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Mobile Workshop

All our big machinery and other equipment are setup in mobile shipping containers ready to move anywhere in the world, our 40ft mobile workshop is a plug and play system so we can start manufacturing rigs almost as soon as they hit the ground.

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We go where the action is!

Our custom modified 24T 3 axle SFX standby truck is always setup with all the everyday FX equipment we need, we are ready to go where the action is!

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